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Talk on „Generating and Exchanging Knowledge: Re-thinking Current Practices in Linguistics“

At the end of March, we presented 10 PLUS 1 at the 16. Norddeutsches Linguistisches Kolloquium 2015 in Hanover by giving a talk on „Generating and Exchanging Knowledge: Re-thinking Current Practices in Linguistics“. We received valuable feedback including a lot of praise for the project. Many members of the audience liked the unconventional formats 10 PLUS 1 offers, as well as the possibility to share ideas with others at earlier stages of the research process. Also, some colleagues even mentioned that they would appreciate more than one issue per year which we take as a great compliment. Thank you!

Imagine a Linguistic Journal…


  • presenting innovative research in linguistics not only in established formats such as journal articles and review but also in unconventional, creative and entertaining forms such as brainstorming, …is thinking about…, or infographic.
  • offering exactly 10 plus 1 contributions at a time on a broad range of current topics in linguistics such as Media Linguistics (Issue #1) or Contact Linguistics (Issue #2).
  • inviting feedback on the contributions which appear as open-access files on the this website.
  • offering a creative academic space which explicitly welcomes contributions not only from established but also from junior researchers working on excellent papers.
  • for those who consider linguistic curiosity both part of a profession and a unique way of life.

10plus1 is a peer-reviewed academic eJournal offering a platform for innovative work-in-progress in the broader field of (English, German and Applied) linguistics. Each issue of 10plus1 addresses a particular area of linguistic research. Appearing anually, 10plus1 is meant to display a cross-section of the scholarly community – from professors to post-docs, doctoral students and (under)-graduate students working on excellent papers.

In order to make 10plus1 a unique place for academic exchange on linguistics, we have designed a number of contribution formats, such as articles, reviews, brainstormings, notes, infographics, … Ten contributions of this kind and an opener will make up an issue: 10 + 1.

As part of our journal’s philosophy, we are inviting potential contributors and guest editors to send us their ideas for contribution (formats) or topical foci of future issues in addition to the concept of 10plus1 and contribution formats we have sketched out so far.