09 | Sports Metaphors in Political Language (Plakhuta)

Word field Analysis using the Example of Russian and German Sports Metaphors in Political Language

Thinking about… by Ekaterina Plakhuta (Magdeburg)



In this paper it is argued that the politicians use sport terms to force various ideas and concepts on other people. The article aims to analyze sports metaphors in the Russian and German political language. The sports metaphors are classified into three types based on their meanings, subjected to components analysis and finally characterized according to their functions.

The Contribution


The Author

Ekaterina Plakhuta’s research interests include political language, contrastive linguistics, and the language of sports. She is a member of „Sprache in der Politik e.V.“ and recently presented the following conference papers: Plakhuta, E. (2017). Politolinguistik in Russland: Entstehung, Entwicklung und Besonderheiten. Language and Democracy, University of Tampere, Finland (24-26 August 2017) || Plakhuta, E. (2017). Analyse der Sportmetapher „Politik ist Bewegung“ in den Interviews mit deutschen Politikern. Tagung der AG „Sprache in der Politik“: Sprache der Politiker im Wahlkampf, RWTH Aachen (4-5 September 2017)

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