08 | Unboxing (Kerschensteiner)

Unboxing: Relevant to Media Linguistics?

3-Minute-Talk by Klaus Kerschensteiner (Passau)



My 3-Min-Talk will sketch possible research interests in analyzing a web phenomenon called unboxing. Unboxing is a term that is used to describe a video format that films the opening of packaging. These clips reach click rates up to 400.000 clicks on youtube.com. Originally, unboxing videos were very emotional self-expressions of surprise. When unpacking a product, they were filmed simultaneously by an unprofessional hand camera or steadycam which is why we were able to face a unique situation: A moment of planned surprise that is loaded with emotion. What is the planned surprise effect and is it worth examining in linguistic studies?

The Contribution: Video


The Contribution: Script








The Author

Klaus Kerschensteiner, M.A. studied Language Studies, Text Studies and Semiotics of Text and Culture at the University of Passau. He is aiming at a PhD in Media Studies, working on a dissertation titled „Packaging Semiotics – Text Analysis as a Means of Strategic Innovation Management“. Research interests: marketing semiotics, multimodality and cultural codes.

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