10plus1 is a peer-reviewed academic e-journal offering a platform for innovative work-in-progress in the broader field of English, German, and Applied linguistics. It is a journal for those who consider linguistic curiosity both part of a profession and a unique way of life.

We hope to offer a platform which encourages researchers to publish fresh and innovative ideas in the field of linguistics. In particular we would like to invite younger scholars to contribute to 10plus1.

Due to their emphasis on completed studies, established journals may slow down the creative process which is of vital importance for academic scholarship, particularly in the humanities. 10plus1 explicitly invites work in progress and calls for feedback on emerging ideas next to completed studies.

Each issue of 10plus1 contains 10 contributions and 1 opener introducing the issue’s overall topic. Apart from established formats such as journal article and review , 10 further  contributions may draw on a broad range of unconventional, creative and entertaining forms such as brainstorming, …is thinking about…, infographic. and others.

The comments section for each contribution promotes the academic dialogue and helps to develop the ideas presented in the contribution further by means of joint intelligence.

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